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Family Resource Centre of Charlotte County Inc. 

The Fundy Community Foundation

Gardening Fun Kit Page

The Family Resource Centre of Charlotte County Inc. has received funding through the Fundy Community Foundation to help with the costs of gardening kits for children and their families. These kits were picked up at various locations and taken home so they can learn how to grow their own food all year. Each kit had everything the child would need to grow their own herbs, learn about pollination, and much more! In these kits there was a great Gardening Kit booklet with step by step instructions on how to use each item in their kit. All items purchased for these kits can be bought online or at your local garden center.

We have decided to put our booklet online for those of you who would like to do the activities at home! 

Please find your FREE download below.



 your FREE 

booklet here!

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